The Annual Great Shake Out

The annual Great Shakeout will be observed in earthquake prone regions on October 18th..  The Great Shakeout was developed to give you and your community an opportunity to review and practice your emergency preparedness plans.  It is also a reminder to take the time to secure hazards in your space to prevent damage and injuries.

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NNPG Net for September 19, 2018

Join us tomorrow night, Wednesday September 19, 2018 at 2000 hours PST for our weekly Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net.

Net control operator for tomorrow will be is Glenda, KG7MZO

Glenda will be leading a conversation on Fall Prep Rotation.  It’s that time of the year to go through your preps and refresh or replace for the upcoming cold weather season.  Join us to share your thoughts and tips for items to make sure you rotate and refresh for the cold weather season.

You can participate using one of the local repeaters.  Information on the SNARS repeater system can be found here:

For our internet audience listening live via the web, you too can participate in the conversation by joining us in our chat room.

You can listen live via our web feed at

September 5, 2018 Net Session Available

Last night’s session of the Northern Nevada Preppers Group net is available.  We had a discussion with the founder and organizer, Rob McKevitt – K9RVM.

Last night’s session of the Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net is now available.  Our net sessions are edited to remove remove dead air space, most repeater ID tones and squelch tails.

We had a great conversation with Northern Nevada Preppers Group founder and organizer, Rob McKevitt – K9RVM.  We discussed the group origins, principles and philosphies.

Click here to listen to the net.

The chat room was crackling last night too.  A chat transcript is also available.



Join us for our weekly NNPG Net

Join us tomorrow for our weekly net at 2000 hours PST.

Net Control will be Glenda, KG7MZO.  For this week’s topic, I will be having a conversation with our founder and organizer – Rob McKevitt, K9RVM. We will be having a conversation about our group, our principles and our philosophy. We will also take questions from listeners and Rob will answer.

If you are a licensed ham radio operator, you can participate in the net by using one of the local repeaters.  Repeater information can found on the SNARS website.

You can also listen live via the internet and participate in our chat room.