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I am in a quiet lull right now with my radio stuff.  It felt pretty busy there for a couple of months as I prepared for the final race event for the year and focused on getting my radio gear squared away after the battery bank required a complete rebuild.  I am back into my regular schedule with the Prepper Net and I have a good start with the initial content for the website finished. The fall training classes were posted a couple weeks ago. I had intended to take a few of those classes but most of the classes are on Wednesday evening, the same night as the Prepper’s net.  I might be able to squeeze in one Saturday class but will have to wait until the spring session for more training. The ARES SKYWARN training just got pushed back until December. I am also signed up for ICS 300 and ICS 400 in December. EmComm training is tentative for January. But for the next month, my radio posts will be quiet.  That doesn’t mean I am just sitting on my laurels!

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Hot Off the Presses – Grinduro 2018

The moment  you have all been waiting for – my field report for Grinduro 2018 has been published.


Grinduro Lounge

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Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run 2018

I have added my field report from the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run that I worked in July 2018.  If you have not had a chance to read that report, check it out.  This was one amazing race and the location of my aid station provided some stunning views of the Lake Tahoe.  I have included lots of pictures and some video on my field report.

While I finish up with my Grinduro 2018 report, take a moment to enjoy my report from the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run.

Follow this link to read my report – https://achicandherradio.com/notes-from-the-field/tahoe-rim-trail-ultra-endurance-run-2018/

Tahoe Rim Trail Ultra Endurance Run

Radio communications are all set up and ready for the race!! Spectacular views of Lake Tahoe.

Join us Wednesday 9/12/18 for our weekly net

Join us tomorrow night, Wednesday September 12, 2018 at 2000 hours PST for our weekly Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net.

Net control operator for tomorrow will be is Ken, K7KBJ

Ken will be leading a conversation on using packet radio as a means to communicate during times of disaster or emergency. Packet radio has been around and in use far longer than the internet and will help us communicate using methods very similar to email even if the internet goes down.

You can participate using one of the local repeaters.  Information on the SNARS repeater system can be found here: http://snars.org/repeaters/analog/

For our internet audience listening live via the web, you too can participate in the conversation by joining us in our chat room.    


HF Digital and Packet Training Day

Wow!  What a day!  Ken, K7KBJ, coordinated an HF digital and packet training at his house.  A small group of us gathered in his new ham shack to get a hands-on introduction and do some initial set up and configurations for the guys that brought their stations with them for the training.  I do not have the components needed yet but I attended for the educational purposes and get a better idea of the next direction I will take in ham radio. I learned a lot but just like any other training I have attended, came away with more questions and bewilderment despite gaining knowledge.  The HF digital world is fascinating and I really do want to begin exploring those modes. Packet is a mode that I have been wanting to delve into as well.

Doug, KA7FOO, walked us through the download, install and configurations of fldigi.  This really was the bulk of the day. Our training was a little bit informal as this was coordinated by Ken for the purposes of developing communications protocols for our group.  We had lots of opportunity to ask questions along throughout the training. Doug is ever gracious and generous with his time and commitment to the community. The rest of the guys that were there have all been involved in ham radio and communications in general for a long time.  Many of the questions they were asking were out of my league. At the same time, I learned so much and got a better understanding of the radio world overall. Continue reading