What’s happening in my world and on curmudgeons

I am in a quiet lull right now with my radio stuff.  It felt pretty busy there for a couple of months as I prepared for the final race event for the year and focused on getting my radio gear squared away after the battery bank required a complete rebuild.  I am back into my regular schedule with the Prepper Net and I have a good start with the initial content for the website finished. The fall training classes were posted a couple weeks ago. I had intended to take a few of those classes but most of the classes are on Wednesday evening, the same night as the Prepper’s net.  I might be able to squeeze in one Saturday class but will have to wait until the spring session for more training. The ARES SKYWARN training just got pushed back until December. I am also signed up for ICS 300 and ICS 400 in December. EmComm training is tentative for January. But for the next month, my radio posts will be quiet.  That doesn’t mean I am just sitting on my laurels!

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Video of Grinduro 2018 from rider’s perspective.

I was browsing some new videos for the Grinduro this morning and came across this gem. I’ve been curious about the course and what it is like from beginning to end. This video is from the rider’s perspective. It’s an awesome video and I loved watching every minute of this video. He passes through my station at around the 11:00 mark, so keep a watchful eye – blink and you’ll miss me! Hope you enjoy!!

Getting Caught Up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I have finally gotten caught up on posting the net sessions for the last 2 weeks.  We discussed Fall Prep Rotation and Root Cellars. Take a moment to listen to those wonderful nets.

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