Notes From the Field

I absolutely love working ultra endurance runs and mountain bike races.  These give me an opportunity to work with my radio gear in the field.  It’s also a chance to learn new modes as I watch other operators practice with packet and digital transmissions with the local ARES group.  Both modes have intrigued me and I am wanting to grow in those directions.  I’ve met some great operators by working races and built some new relationships with neighboring ham radio clubs.

Most importantly, I am in awe at the race participants.  To see these folks push their bodies to the ultimate edge is amazing.  They are so aware and in tune with their body’s needs.  I am continually impressed by the stamina and endurance of the race participants.  To say they are gracious is an understatement.  They are some of the most genuinely friendly folks that I have the pleasure to serve.

Plus, I get to camp out in some spectacular places.  For the Tahoe Rim Trail Race, our aid station was at the top of Snow Valley Peak.  The uninterrupted views of Lake Tahoe and Marlette Lake were incredible.  For this race, we were provided a special backcountry travel permit to drive to the station.  Vehicle traffic through this area of the National Forest is prohibited.  To be able to drive right to the top of the peak was such a special privilege.

Tahoe Rim Trail Ultra Endurance Run

Radio communications are all set up and ready for the race!! Spectacular views of Lake Tahoe.

To check out more about the Tahoe Rim Trail Ultra Endurance Run, follow this link:

Tahoe Rim Trail Ultra Endurance Run


The picture kind of says it. We work a radio station on the downhill single track portion. It’s a wicked downhill all the way back to start finish!

The Grinduro is simply a rad weekend.  Located at the  Plumas Sierra Fairground in Quincy, CA, this race is the way to end the summer.   I cannot say enough good things about the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship.  I just love these guys and have been volunteering in different capacities for several years.  The Grinduro is the premier event of the year and I will work this event every year.  It’s a whole weekend of bike, bike art, live music, beer, oh and a little mountain bike race too.  It’s a weekend long festival!  The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship is an awesome group and they take really good care of all their volunteers!

Check out more about the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship here:

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship

For more info about the Grinduro, click here:


These are just a couple of the races that I work.  I will be picking up a couple more to my schedule of events for next summer.  Stay tuned to this section.  Here I will be posting field reports from all the events that I work over the year as well as Field Day weekend and any other radio related events that I participate in over the year.