About Me


My life is so much more than just radios. I love my little radio and enjoy the hobby and this blog will be focused mostly on me and my radio. But my world is far greater than just radios. I’m a mom. I’m a full-time employee seeking my own financial freedom.

I am a ferociously independent and self-reliant woman. From a very young adult age, I wanted to be an example for young girls that women can be strong, assertive and brave. We are intellectual. We are resourceful. I always felt it was my purpose to be an example for other young girls that women can be badasses too.

I love being in the outdoors. Camping, hiking, soaking in the hot springs, or simply taking forest service roads just to see how far they can go. Being outdoors, especially in the mountains, that is where I am at complete peace. The worries of the world have melted away. I can hear my own breath in the solitude of the trees. Volunteering for the different race events helps to fill that primal need I have for the outdoors and I have the opportunity to hone my field skills.

I stumbled into disaster preparedness and prepping a few years ago. Prepping and disaster preparedness spoke to the self-reliant, independent side of me. I found the Northern Nevada Preppers Group (NNPG) and met some of the most amazing folks that I would one day be blessed to call my closest friends. In 2014, I became a member of our local CERT team (Community Emergency Response Team) and started to attend as many trainings, exercises and drills that I possibly could. This is also when I was introduced to ham radio and started attending local ARES meetings and tagging along to some of the race events.

I juggle many other hats. And this is only a small part of who I really am. There is so much more that I dabble around in. I am constantly exploring and learning about new stuff. My mind is never really at rest. Once I learn about a particular topic, I’m off to the next. I have a constant thirst to learn and grow, never staying still for too long.

Why I did I start a blog? I want to share my experiences as a woman as I continue to grow and work on my ham radio skills. I also want to share my perspective on prepping and disaster preparedness. There’s too much nonsense and fear-based marketing around prepping and preparedness that I want to share my unique take on the topic. But I also started this blog for me. To keep myself accountable and to stay on course to fulfilling my dreams and living my passions. I can easily put off for tomorrow what can be done today. But in doing so, I have delayed living the life that I dream about all the time. So, today, I begin the journey to create the life I have always dreamed. No more excuses. No more delays. Today, I make my dreams a reality. I invite you to join me my journey. Hopefully, my journey can spark your desire and drive to be brave and take the leap of faith the live out your dreams too.