What’s happening in my world and on curmudgeons

I am in a quiet lull right now with my radio stuff.  It felt pretty busy there for a couple of months as I prepared for the final race event for the year and focused on getting my radio gear squared away after the battery bank required a complete rebuild.  I am back into my regular schedule with the Prepper Net and I have a good start with the initial content for the website finished. The fall training classes were posted a couple weeks ago. I had intended to take a few of those classes but most of the classes are on Wednesday evening, the same night as the Prepper’s net.  I might be able to squeeze in one Saturday class but will have to wait until the spring session for more training. The ARES SKYWARN training just got pushed back until December. I am also signed up for ICS 300 and ICS 400 in December. EmComm training is tentative for January. But for the next month, my radio posts will be quiet.  That doesn’t mean I am just sitting on my laurels!

As the title of this post suggests, my life is so much more than just radios.  The holidays are coming. Halloween is huge at my house, then there will be Thanksgiving and Birthday Extravaganza weekend (there are 3 birthdays over Thanksgiving weekend – my boyfriend’s is the day after Thanksgiving and mine and my son’s on the same day just 2 days later).  Two weeks after Thanksgiving is my daughter’s birthday and then it’s the last slide into Christmas and New Year. My budget is pretty tapped with all the holiday festivities so new radio gear is not on the shopping list.  Dreams of a telescopic mast and a packet station from Santa dance in my head.  Gee, I hope I’ve been a good girl this year. 

In addition to the holiday activities, I am also busy making product for the employee craft fair at work.  Any spare time I do have, I am trying to finish any sort of crafty project so that I can generate some additional cash for the end of the year.  On top of the radio stuff that I want to get, I am pretty laser-focused on getting some bills paid off and saving for a camper van next spring too. As you can see, I have a lot of big plans and ideas and very little time or money to accomplish them all.  Yeah.  It’s a busy time of the year for me. 

Even though my radio posts and updates may be quiet for a little while, fear not!  New content is also on it’s way.  I have been working diligently on a whole new section of content that is related to radios but not about radios.  This new content will be an ongoing evolution of the website with a lot more material that will hopefully be helpful and add to our conversations.

On the Curmudgeon

I’m starting to get more intrigued by contesting and once I get my license upgraded and been able to build an HF station, I totally want to give it a try.  However, I’ve been following a couple of Facebook groups and I’ve seen some grumbling about how contesting is ruining ham radio. I find these complaints very fascinating because I am intrigued by what makes a person feel that way and be so upset about contesting.  But then I see some great post responses with pictures of kids having fun contesting and getting a thrill out of making contacts with people from across the globe. I get a kick out seeing kids enjoy the hobby. I brought my 10 year old grandson to field day this past summer and he was tickled pink with making contacts and following the proper protocols for transmitting was a valuable lesson in following instruction.  There is a great deal kids can learn from radio that has nothing to do with radio. Ham radio is evolving just as life evolves. There’s a new generation of young hams getting involved and digital is a real player in the ham radio world. I feel sorry for the guys that cannot accept the change. This change is what is needed to keep ham radio alive and relevant. Technology is ever changing and the old days of ham radio had a huge influence.  There’s no reason ham radio cannot continue to have an influence on communications in the digital age. So here’s a suggestion to all the curmudgeons that disapprove of contesting – take some time out of your day and find a way to share and teach something that you find valuable about ham radio. Perhaps your passion is CW. Great! Teach a class for new ham radio operators or mentor a special youngster in your family or community. Share the old skills so that they are not lost and embrace the new generations coming into ham radio.  Be a positive influence to all new hams.  Share your wealth of knowledge and experience.  But above all – please be gracious and helpful.  There’s room for us all.

That’s all I have for now.  

KG7MZO – 73 everyone


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