NNPG Net for October 17, 2018 is available. We discussed Home Fire Safety and Prevention

Last net’s NNPG Net is now available.  We talked about home fire safety and prevention as we head into the winter and holiday season.  The topic introduction covered the basic safety tips and reminders, then the station check ins added their own suggestions.  We got a lot of tips from the stations checking in. Even Ken had some brilliant suggestions. He was shining like a diamond last night.  

You can find the net session at www.nnpg.net, click on the Radio Archives Link at the top of the page or follow this link.

Now that I have had some time to reflect a bit more on the net, my thoughts about fire prevention and safety circle around the most dangerous safety issue regarding home fire prevention – complacency.  As time goes by, life moves on as usual. We slip into a sleepy haze of normalcy bias. The water comes out of the faucet when I need it. The lights pop on with the flick of a switch. You can always count on these things working.  There are times when the power and water go out, but it is only briefly. Our lives are inconvenienced until the utility companies restore functions.  But a house fire is something that I don’t think about as much.  Of course I have smoke detectors and fire extinguishers.  But last night’s net, the stations that checked in added many ideas and little things that we often overlook.  

Ken brought up checking his battery connections for corrosion.  This is an example of the little things we can forget about that can have disastrous results.   A mutual friend of ours endured a house fire several years ago. Fortunately for them, their home was not completely destroyed but there was significant damage to the kitchen.  The family had to live in a rental until remodel could be completed. The fire at their home was caused by a light for the chickens whose coop was placed against the outside wall of the kitchen.  Last night’s topic is a good reminder that regular maintenance and taking some precautionary measures can save us the heartache of losing your home, or worse, losing a loved one or family pet in a home fire.

One thing I have learned about home fires is they spread very fast, much faster than you can imagine.  And smoke inhalation is a very real danger that is often underestimated. The smoke is thick and black, choking and blinding.  You cannot see your hand in front of your face. The heat is tremendous. I feel we have a tendency to minimize the intensity of a house fire and just how fast the fire can spread and engulf a home.   

Thank you to everyone that participated in the net last night.  I hope this net provides you with some useful information that can be helpful in getting your family and pets out alive when seconds truly do matter.  We appreciate all your support so much. Stay safe this winter and holiday season!

73 everyone

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