Hot Off the Presses – Grinduro 2018

The moment  you have all been waiting for – my field report for Grinduro 2018 has been published.


Grinduro Lounge

It was another great year for Grinduro.  There were more riders this year, an additional course – the Grindurito, and an expanded festival area for all the festivities.  The organizers are pros and the event ran smoothly.  My radio skills and staying calm under pressure were put to the test this year.  Three years ago, this race was the event that got me hooked on working radio communications.  Each year keeps getting better and I feel honored to be part of this event.  I hope you enjoy the report.

My calendar of events are starting to fill up for next year already.  Races on the docket already are the Lost and Found (a 100 miler similar to the Grinduro) in June, Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run in July and of course the Grinduro in the fall.  June is also Field Day and I believe we are still planning to return to Berlin-Ichtyosaur State Park.  I’m not sure if I’ll pick up any other race events just yet.  My winter is also starting to fill up with trainings.  In December, I’ll be taking the ICS-300 and ICS-400 courses.  Starting in January, a 10-12 weeks emergency communications class.  Upgrading to my General’s license is also on my radar but I need to pace myself.  I already have enough on my plate.  I need to check some other things off my list first.

I am also working on some new content for the site.  It’s still in the early development stages but with the last race for the season done and the initial start-up content posted for your reading pleasure, my attention is beginning to turn to building the next section for the website.  In the meantime, I will be sharing the weekly Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net.  Ken, K7KBJ and I take turns with net control duties and lead a discussion on a topic related to how you can prepared for natural or man-made disasters.  If you have been enjoying what I have shared, keep stopping back by on occasion.  I’ll be posting other updates that happen along the way.  And if you really, really like what I have been doing, please share my site with your friends.

KG7MZO – 73 everyone!!



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