Getting Caught Up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks.  I have finally gotten caught up on posting the net sessions for the last 2 weeks.  We discussed Fall Prep Rotation and Root Cellars. Take a moment to listen to those wonderful nets.

Ken and I attended a yearly gathering of the local ARES groups at the state Emergency Operation Center in Carson City.  It was primarily a meeting to update each county (Douglas County, Lyon County, Washoe County and Lyon County ARES) with what they have done for trainings over the year and what is coming up.  It was also a time to remind ARES members to be prepared – make sure your go-bags are stocked and ready and that your family is ready in the event you need to be deployed. They also stressed the importance of being proficient with your gear and radios.  And they also stressed training, training and more training. Especially for the required ICS forms. It was a good meeting and the reminders were timely as they usual are. But I began to fade near the end. It was a late Monday evening and after a long work day, sitting in a chair for another hour and half almost put me to sleep.

The rest of the week  I was busy getting my gear rounded up and packed for the Grinduro.  There were a lot of last minute changes and a little bit of coordinating to acquire some field gear that I was going to be needing for the weekend.  Plans were changing on the fly, so I had to adapt to the situation and keep myself focused on the task at hand.

Friday, I headed out to get settled in for Grinduro 2018, which was another successful event.  I am gathering my notes and putting together my field report. Keep an eye out for that report coming soon.  I am hoping to have that posted next week.  It was an interesting Grinduro this year. Ken was not able to make it, so I had to fly solo for this event.  I was very nervous as this would be the first time to work solo on an event. I didn’t want to have any radio troubles and I did not have the proper back-ups to complete the assignment if I did have any issues.  But everything went well and I feel more confident in my field skills after this weekend. I know what I want to get to complete my portable radio set-up. I also had a chance to further tweak and improve my field bag.  These weekends are a great opportunity to hone skills and refine the gear.

With the race season coming to a close, I have some more content currently in development  and will be expanding the website over the next couple of months with some great information and resources.  I want to thank everyone that has been supporting me for the past couple of months while I get things running.  This website is becoming a labor of love for me and I hope you are all enjoying my little adventures.

Stay tuned.  More exciting stuff is coming!!

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