A Fun Halloween Net


Halloween is on a Wednesday so there will be no NNPG Net this week.  We will be playing a special Halloween net that was originally posted in 2013.  This was one of the first nets I listened to shortly after becoming involved in the group and before I had my license.  I remember listening to this net and being thoroughly amused!  I encourage you to listen this net.  It’s an example of some out of the box things you can do to liven up a net, have some fun and put smiles on people’s faces.  We will be playing this net all day long, so stop in when you have some time.  Just go to our website at www.nnpg.net and click on the Tune-In button to listen or follow this link.



What’s happening in my world and on curmudgeons

I am in a quiet lull right now with my radio stuff.  It felt pretty busy there for a couple of months as I prepared for the final race event for the year and focused on getting my radio gear squared away after the battery bank required a complete rebuild.  I am back into my regular schedule with the Prepper Net and I have a good start with the initial content for the website finished. The fall training classes were posted a couple weeks ago. I had intended to take a few of those classes but most of the classes are on Wednesday evening, the same night as the Prepper’s net.  I might be able to squeeze in one Saturday class but will have to wait until the spring session for more training. The ARES SKYWARN training just got pushed back until December. I am also signed up for ICS 300 and ICS 400 in December. EmComm training is tentative for January. But for the next month, my radio posts will be quiet.  That doesn’t mean I am just sitting on my laurels!

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Video of Grinduro 2018 from rider’s perspective.

I was browsing some new videos for the Grinduro this morning and came across this gem. I’ve been curious about the course and what it is like from beginning to end. This video is from the rider’s perspective. It’s an awesome video and I loved watching every minute of this video. He passes through my station at around the 11:00 mark, so keep a watchful eye – blink and you’ll miss me! Hope you enjoy!!

NNPG Net for October 17, 2018 is available. We discussed Home Fire Safety and Prevention

Last net’s NNPG Net is now available.  We talked about home fire safety and prevention as we head into the winter and holiday season.  The topic introduction covered the basic safety tips and reminders, then the station check ins added their own suggestions.  We got a lot of tips from the stations checking in. Even Ken had some brilliant suggestions. He was shining like a diamond last night.  

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The Annual Great Shake Out

The annual Great Shakeout will be observed in earthquake prone regions on October 18th..  The Great Shakeout was developed to give you and your community an opportunity to review and practice your emergency preparedness plans.  It is also a reminder to take the time to secure hazards in your space to prevent damage and injuries.

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Hot Off the Presses – Grinduro 2018

The moment  you have all been waiting for – my field report for Grinduro 2018 has been published.


Grinduro Lounge

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Net session for 10/10/18

Last night’s net session is now available.  We discussed what type of lists you keep for all your prepping needs.  

You can find the net session at www.nnpg.net click on the Radio Archives Link at the top of the page or follow this link.

Last night’s net got me thinking about my own list management.  I am great at making lists but terrible at maintaining them. I can brainstorm a list but that is typically as far as they go, rarely making it past the brainstorm into some sort of organization that can then be developed into a plan.  I have inventory lists in a notebook for some of my kits that I have but the lists live in that notebook. This topic has shed a light on something that I have been lacking in but fits within my current emphasis of redefining my prepping approach and projects that I am working on to get better organized and focused more on improved pre-planning.  I feel like everything that I have done up to this point has been half-assed. Few of my projects have actually been implemented with ease and high success. I know I am pretty hard on myself, but it is true – developing an in-depth, well thought plan and then executing it is not one of my strongest skills. I tend to start projects and then leave them partially finished.  Many of my prepping projects have fallen to that same fate. I take my list making for granted and have undervalued the asset that they are.

Coming to the acceptance that I need to focus on developing better pre-planning and implementation has been my primary directive this year.  I have been on a mission to completely re-evaluate and reassess my preps. My home and life has been changing over the past couple of years. My daughter is growing up, close to becoming an adult.  My boyfriend has recently moved in, so my life is entering a new phase and it is time to evolve my prepping approach to align with the changes in my life. I have been flushing out, reorganizing and working on getting better organized.  In some ways, I am completely starting over. My food pantry is one prep area that I am currently revamping from the beginning, starting all over from scratch. I realize that better organizing starts with these lists and spending more time in pre-planning, thinking the plan through and prioritizing.  

As I have cleaned through my home and been working out of my go bag and camping kits this summer, I have found so many of the same or redundant items, gear that was purchased on a whim that did not withstand the rigors of the field or was stashed in the closet and forgotten about.  Expired food or food product that is not something the family would eat, which further solidifies the mantra of Eat What You Store and Store What You Eat.  The process of simply going through my preps has revealed my disorganization. I am re-energized in my efforts to improve on my planning and my documentation. The lists that I currently have will be get plugged into a database spreadsheet to be further organized and improved upon.

As I work on this website, lists are becoming an integral part to managing the content and developing a procedure to maintain the content is critical to my overall success.  I have either  learned the lesson of the value of lists better or gotten better at accepting the need to focus on improving this skill for myself. 

Thank you for the net topic Ken.  It was far more enlightening and revealing than I first anticipated but it has proved to be an invaluable mental exercise.

Preview of Grinduro 2018


Grinduro Lounge

I am still wrapping up my report from the Grinduro event in Quincy, CA last weekend.  While I am putting the finishing touches on my report, check out the photos from the pro photographers that were on the course.  I enjoyed viewing these pictures.  I get to see only a narrow scope of this event.  For me, it is a treat to see a more 360 view from the other portions of the race.

Enjoy!  And stay tuned for my report coming soon!

The Radavist

Grinduro 2018 Tibidabo Photography

Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship 2018 Grinduro

Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run 2018

I have added my field report from the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run that I worked in July 2018.  If you have not had a chance to read that report, check it out.  This was one amazing race and the location of my aid station provided some stunning views of the Lake Tahoe.  I have included lots of pictures and some video on my field report.

While I finish up with my Grinduro 2018 report, take a moment to enjoy my report from the Tahoe Rim Trail Endurance Run.

Follow this link to read my report – https://achicandherradio.com/notes-from-the-field/tahoe-rim-trail-ultra-endurance-run-2018/

Tahoe Rim Trail Ultra Endurance Run

Radio communications are all set up and ready for the race!! Spectacular views of Lake Tahoe.

Net session for 10/3/18 is available

The net session for the Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net for Wednesday October 3rd, 2018 is available. We discussed the annual Great Shakeout and how we can use this drill to review our earthquake plans or practice our shelter in place plans.  Jerry gave us all an inspiration to keep our drills fun and different.

You can find the net session at www.nnpg.net, click on the Radio Archives Link at the top of the page or follow this link.