Back Up and Running

Well, that was a learning experience to say the least.  Having both my radios out of commission was a defeating moment but I have come back triumphantly.  And learned as much as I could a long the way.

I am still not sure what happened with my TYT and why it was not transmitting but I am not going to dwell on it.  The main lesson from this failure was to use this radio more.  I came back from the Grinduro last fall, put it on the charging base and forgot about it.  Quite simply, I am not using this radio enough to get to how to operate it more proficiently.  I need to be using this radio on a more consistent basis.  As far as my portable station that I use also use as my base station, this was the greatest learning lesson.  From troubleshooting and diagnosing to acquiring the needed components to fix it.

Ken and I had already determined that my batteries were needing to be replaced. I ordered the replacements, got them in the battery box but still had no power to the radio.  The connections were a bit loose, so we tightened those down.  Still no power.  A little more tinkering, replacing of a connector and we finally determined that the charger was also burned out.  Essentially, I had to completely replace my entire battery bank.  I ordered a new charger and with the help of my ever-so handy boyfriend, he did his best to step back and guide me through the installation of the charger.  I’m not completely new to doing this sort of stuff.  I just have not done it enough to be confident and proficient, so I take a little bit longer to get the job done.

I learned more lessons than just the how-tos of stripping wires and coax, as well as crimping connectors.  Murphy’s Law taught me the valuable lesson of to taking care of your stuff!  I got complacent with my radio these past few months.  Life got a little busy and I did not have my radio set up in the most ideal location and things simply overheated.  My neglect caused all of my recent radio issues.

My station is back up and running and I feel much better.  I grew  a lot from this experience.  I now know my battery bank and will be able to troubleshoot issues in the future and be able to do any needed repairs on my own.  All in all, this was a good experience despite the inconveniences and the mental scolding I gave myself.  I can now look forward to taking my skills to the next level.

Saturday, I take some of my first steps on the digital path with a full day of training.  Now that my radio is humming again, I can start looking into the future towards where I want to grow next and what I will need to acquire to start that journey.  I have some thoughts on my next stage for a radio build, but I have not yet decided.  After Saturday, I should have a good idea.  I do know that my next step is to build a proper radio go-box for the field.


My next event is quickly approaching.  The Grinduro, September 29 in Quincy, CA.  This will be my third year working this event.  It keeps getting better every year.  I am super stoked!  I love this race event.  The past couple of weeks I have been focused on finishing a long-overdue project to improve camp life.  It’s been a busy household as the summer begins to wrap up.  My life begins to get busier from here as the holiday season approaches.


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