A Chic Without Her Radio

How can a chic have a blog about a chic with a radio if she currently doesn’t have a working radio?  It’s a frustrating situation for me.  I am such a ferociously independent person and I like to feel like I am capable and competent to take care of business on my own.  The radio life has vexed me.

I was cruising along pretty good in the  beginning.  I was digging my little radio and was  thoroughly enjoying the weekly nets with the Northern Nevada Preppers Group.  Then one night, in the middle of a net that I was running, my radio went dead.  The transmitter shorted out.  So, I bought a new radio, got it programmed.  With only 3 hours of use, that radio fried it’s transmitter.  WHAT THE HELL!! Two radios within just one month.  Enough.  I broke down and bought a Yaseu FT-7900.  Then, shortly thereafer, I bought a TYT-UV8000D handheld at Preppercon.  I got both these radios programmed by my buddy Vic. A friend of the net, KG7NSV Greg, built and donated battery bank to me and K7KBJ Ken, built a dipole antenna.  Both gentlemen converged to do the final install of the antenna at the house and I was up and running with my Yaseu.  Radio life was good again.

I’ve been working with this radio situation for a couple of years and have been quite happy with my purchases.  Both radios have been dependable and rather easy to use.  A couple months ago, I tried to use my TYT but it wouldn’t transmit.  I could just stare it wondering what to do about this problem.  My Yaseu was working, so I but the TYT back on its base and forgot about it.  Well, Murphy’s Law has paid me a visit.  The batteries in my battery bank are toast so now I can’t use my Yaseu.  I am without a radio.

Whoa.  Wait just a second.  Back up.  What did I just say?  I am without a radio.  Since when in all of my 45 years would I have ever thought I would find myself upset that I do not have a working radio.  But, I digress.

So here I am.  Listening to the weekly net via the internet and chatting in the chat room, rather than running net control.  No radio.  How am I suppose to be a chic and her radio?  This is ridiculous and it really, really bothers me.   I can’t be without a radio.

Batteries are on their way.  That is an easy fix.  Ken took a look at my TYT radio and re-programmed it.  It’s ready, I just need to pick it up and find out the prognosis.  All in all not so bad but I can no longer allow this to happen.  My radio gear is important and I need to be able to keep it running.  My skills needs some serious upgrading.

But that is also the point of this blog.  The purpose of this blog is to document my journey through the world of ham radio from a female perspective.  And it is time for me to make the decision to fully embrace this little itch that keeps pestering me and start taking it more seriously.  I have a long ways to go and I am sure there will be lots of bumps along the way.  But if you’re interested in joining me on this journey, then hop on in.

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