NNPG Weekly Net for August 29, 2018

Last night’s session of the Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net is now available.  Our net sessions are edited to remove remove dead air space, most repeater ID tones and squelch tails.

Our topic was Fuel, Lubricants, Oil Storage for Safety and Longevity.

Click here to listen to the net.

A chat transcript is also available.


NNPG Net Wednesday August 29th

Join us tomorrow for our weekly net at 2000 hours PST.

Net Control will be Ken, K7KBJ.  Ken’s topic will be fuel storage.

It’s time to review our fuel storage methods and safety practices. We want to find out the best ways to store fuel for longevity as well as how to do it safely. How long do the various fuels last? What about oils, treatments, lubricants as well as diesel and gasoline? We want to hear your comments.

If you are a licensed ham radio operator, you can participate in the net by using one of the local repeaters.  Repeater information can found on the SNARS website.

You can also listen live via the internet and participate in our chat room.

NNPG Weekly Net

Last night’s session of the Northern Nevada Preppers Group Net has been posted. We discussed Self-Reliance versus Self-Sufficiency.

Here’s your link: August 22, 2018 – Self-Reliance versus Self-Sufficiency

We had a great net last night and some great thoughts on this week’s topic. A transcript of the chat room is also posted in the forum

A Chic Without Her Radio

How can a chic have a blog about a chic with a radio if she currently doesn’t have a working radio?  It’s a frustrating situation for me.  I am such a ferociously independent person and I like to feel like I am capable and competent to take care of business on my own.  The radio life has vexed me.

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How This Chic Found Radio

So how does some chic get into radios?  Honestly, I have no freaking idea.  I’m not a tech geek, not in the electronics field.  I had never played around with CB radio or even GMRS/FRS radios.  Nothing.  So, what the hell happened to lead me on the journey with ham radio?  It definitely was an unexpected journey.

I was introduced to radios by some good friends of mine.  They were already very experienced operators by the time I had met them and were hosting a weekly net.  They encouraged me to get my license.  I was curious, so I bought one of Gordon West’s books so I could start studying for the exam.  Once I got the book, I realized I only had one month to study and take the test before the question pool would change.  So I studied and crammed and I took that test.  I didn’t really think I would pass it.  To my amazement and excitement, I passed!  I anxiously awaited for my call sign and license.  KG7MZO.  I really like how the O rolls off at the end.  Never once have I considered a vanity call sign.

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